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Children’s Cancer Research Fund (CCRF) supports the brightest scientists whose ideas make the greatest impact for children with cancer. We also support vital family services and advocate for childhood cancer education and awareness.

Kids and young adults that are diagnosed with cancer each year - that’s about 42 per day.

You can help us raise money to find better treatments for these kids. For every pie you purchase, we’ll donate $5 to Children’s Cancer Research Fund.

You can be a part of their story

Nathalia’s Story

Nathalia is resilient, spirited and humorous, but it’s her heart that her mom, Katy, loves most. Full of gratitude, Nathalia never misses a chance to thank the nurses, doctors and other caregivers who’ve helped her through her treatment for osteosarcoma, a devastating bone cancer.

Mariah’s Story

Thank you all for coming out today. It is really special to be with you to be part of Children’s Cancer Research Fund’s 15th Time to Fly. I can still remember the first one I attended. My name is Mariah, and I am honored to share my story with you, as each one of us, I know, have our own story to tell.

Beating the Odds

When we say “against all odds”, what do we really mean? Does it mean that we defeated a concept? Won a battle against some well-studied mathematical perimeters and statistics? That we were part of an unexpected miracle (if you are like me and still believe in miracles)? Or, all the above?

A world without childhood cancer is possible, but only with your help.